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Our Story

Accessories for the modern Victorian

"After I designed my first brooch, belt and neckpiece, I was hooked! All the love I have for my object making as a sculptor and collagist manifested into these wearable curiosities."

I received a B.F.A in sculpture but found I was more at home creating spaces on paper through my collages. Having been trained as an object maker and thinker, I have a unique perspective on process. I am completely self taught which gives me the freedom of hand on design, a mad scientist approach to making. I lean on my art school intro jewelry class, a grandmother with immense talent and patience for my billions of questions, as well as a curiosity for invention. I am that person on the bench watching the way a crowd moves through a park and thinking, "how can I make that an object?" It still gives me chills when I am described as a self-made designer.

Lilian Asterfield is the pet name my Grandfather gave my Mum when she was a little girl and was handed down to me. Our designs feature transformed vintage, found objects and hand dyed materials. A sucker for innovation and good design, the fine artist in me is always wanting to challenge perception, obsessed with color and texture. Lilian Asterfield's signature collection of hand stitched necktie scarves, the first of it's kind, continue to be our most popular pieces. Eye-catching color combinations, juxtaposed prints from our curated vintage collection, and hand-stitched tailoring make each necktie Ruff a wearable work of art and totally one of a kind. Blowing the socks of the handmade world when launched in 2009, I owe a huge thanks to the Blog love and features on sites like Etsy, MTV Switch, Nylon, Coolhunting, Treehugger, and Ecouterre to name a few. With such a variety of styles, lifestyle, and genders, Lilian Asterfield has something for everyone and embraces the diversity of our community.

I have a new hand dyed satin collection, a more modern and casual addition to our necktie ruffs called "RuffDye" as well as our "Goddess" neck adornments.

Lilian Asterfield continues to challenge the process of upcycling, refashioning, and repurposing from our curated collection of vintage, dead stock, and remnant materials always hunting for new inspirations and obsessions.

Nicole Deponte. Lilian Asterfield